Graffiti Remover

Grafitti Remover

Leaning to remove graffiti is easy with the right tools and a little knowledge. There is no single solution or technique that will remove every type of graffiti from every surface. Below is a brief overview to introduce users to the world of graffiti removal.

We cover the basic’s on how to use graffiti remover using contractor’s methods and processes to remove graffiti from the most common substrates. For specific advice we recommend you contact our technical staff to discuss further.

Different variables in the environment affect the ease in which graffiti can be removed. Generally, newer graffiti is easier to remove from surfaces. If graffiti is particularly difficult to remove, consider hiring a professional.

Types of Graffiti

There are several factors that influence the right approach to removing graffiti:
1. What type of strata has the graffiti been applied to?
2. What type of graffiti has been applied?

How to remove graffiti – Four variable factors

  • Time

  • Temperature

  • Agitation (Brush / Pressure Washing)

  • Chemical Strength

Time – The longer the contact time the deeper the graffiti remover will penetrate. The more sensitive the surface the shorter the time the graffiti product is on the surface.

Temperature – Warmer weather speeds up the rate in which the graffiti removal product works.

Agitation – When graffiti removal products are applied by means of hard-bristled brushes or scourers, it assists in breaking the bond between the graffiti and the surface. NOTE: be careful on sensitive surfaces, otherwise the underlying surface may be damaged.

Chemical – Use the right chemical for the task at hand, review the product selection guide.

SAFETY NOTICE: When removing graffiti always use protective clothing including suitable enclosed shoes, gloves & goggles. Always read and follow the warnings on the bottle of the graffiti removal product.
FIRST AID: Follow directions on the graffiti removal product label being used or the relevant MSDS.
TEST NOTICE: Always test graffiti removal products in an inconspicuous area for color changes.

NOTE: There is no silver bullet for graffiti removal. It is important that the person removing graffiti understands which graffiti remover and tools to use on the specific surface. 

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