Fibresoft Prespray (Red Spot) 5 litre

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A safe, high-performance, upholstery cleaning system. FIBRESOFT PRESPRAY - Part one of the two part FIBRESOFT SYSTEM for cleaning Indian cotton and all sensitive and non-sensitive fibres. Gives brilliant lift to colours and whites when presprayed. Fast drying. Must be used with FIBRESOFT RINSE in tank.


Permanently bonds fabric softener: A chemical reaction (complex) created when the PRESPRAY and RINSE come together permanently bonds a mildly antiseptic softener onto the fibre. Polished cottons, Dralon velvets and synthetic velours are left soft, fluffy and standing straight.

Reduces ph of fibre: Mild acidity lowers the pH, therefore reduces the chance of alkalinity, browning and colour bleed.

Permanently bonded Anti-stat: Static cling created by nylon and wool blends, acrylics and to some extent polypropylene fibres. It is a free bonus that will add extra impetus to your upholstery cleaning business.

Permanently bonded Deodorant: Exhaustive consumer studies have proven conclusively the appealing nature of the clean fresh deodoriser embodied in the RINSE. It not only makes the system more pleasant to use, it increases the customers' memory of your good cleaning. They ask you back again!