Soyclean Graffiti Remover-5 Litres

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Are you stressed removing graffiti? Concerned about using harsh chemicals to remove graffiti that may harm users or the environment? Now Soyclean by Research allows effective graffiti removal without lasting damage to the environment. And with a ph 7.5 - 8.5 it is not harsh to operators. 

Newcastle Council tried it with great success on cleaning graffiti off rough brick walls.

Oates Soyclean Graffiti Remover is a strong, fast acting liquid graffiti remover and is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. It is available in 1litre and 5 litre sizes.

It contains no known carcinogens, caustic fumes or ozone depleting chemicals. It effectively removes both spray and enamel paints, permanent markers, most ink types and lipstick.

Application surfaces:

Painted and unpainted surfaces


Reflective signs



Powder coated surfaces

Many natural stone surfaces e.g brick, concrete, sandstone.

 PH: 7.50-8.50

article and images on how effective it is: