Nilfisk SC351 Scrubber +24 x 5l chemical

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Nilfisk SC351 Scrubber and Chemical Promotion


The Nilfisk SC351 is a compact walk behind scrubber/dryer offering both forward and reverse scrubbing and drying. An ideal cleaning solutions for cleaning in crowded places, between and behind shelves, tables, furniture and other less accessible areas.

  • A small and handy machine that folds for storage and has superior manoeuvrability.
  • 370mm diameter brush, with 27kg scrubbing pressure.
  • Ideal for cleaning hotels, schools, offices, canteens, small shops and coffee shops.
  • Low noise level for daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas.
  • Roller bumpers for near to wall cleaning


Easy Clean is a caustic based, heavy duty degreaser which removes heavy deposits of fat, dirt, protein deposits, oil and grease from all hard surfaces. Easi-Clean is a particularly effective heavy duty degreaser for kitchens and food plants.


Hard Track is a new generation, neutral pH detergent floor cleaner specifically designed to remove soil from pH sensitive surfaces, such as wooden floors, fine stone and polymer coated flooring. Very economical with a dilution of 1 part Hard Track to 100-200 parts water.