Lencia, Orange Squirt, Zest pack + bonus

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Oats Citrus Pack - Product of the Month

Lencia, Orange Squirt and Zest pack with bonus

Bonus products


Lencia has been designed as a spray and forget bathroom maintainer, which will continue to act on bathroom mildew, mould and grime. Spraying daily dissolves bathroom scum, calcium  build up and prevents mould from forming.

Zest is a total bathroom cleaner designed for tiled floors, walls, sinks and toilet bowls. Zest is very effective in removing hard water scale, rust, lime and waste products from all washroom surfaces

Orange Squirt is a multi-purpose cleaner that removes greasy soils, general dirt, grime and vegitable matter commonly found in kitchens. Orange Squirt is a floor cleaning solutions, which can also be used as a laundry pre-wash, carpet spotter and vinyl cleaner


Bonus Items include the Eager Beaver hand tool and Red scrub pad


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