Dispenser for New 1 litre Pods

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Septone M2 Manual soap dispensers


M2 soap dispensers are a manually operated and compatable with 


Both available in 1 litre pods.

The use of soap pods means during each change the nozzle is replaced, greatly reducing the chance of the soap leaking through a worn nozzle.



Alternatively, these dispensers can be filled with refillable pods and filled with a number of bulk fill hand soaps including:

Gentle Pink in 5 litres and 15 litres

Gentlre Pearl in 5 litres and 15 litres

Anti-glo Antibacterial Hand Soap in 5 litres and 15 litres

Anti Bac Hand Soap in 5 litres and 15 litres

Primrose Hand Soap in 5 litres


Refill Pod Empty.

Refillable Pod