Chlorosan Chlorinated Detergent-5 litre

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Chlorosan is a chlorinated detergent with a high chlorine content and excellent detergency. Chlorosan is a thickened solution that will stay in the job longer, especially vertical surfaces and has the ability to clean, whiten and kill bacteria, viruses and mould. 

Chlorosan can be foamed using a foaming gun or foaming trigger.



  • Quickly destroys and removes mildew, mould, bacteria and germs
  • Powerful odour neutralizer and sanitizing stain remover
  • It's foaming ability ensures dramatically superior cleaning action on vertical surfaces.
  • Able to remove organic stains, food spills and mould stains from most tiles, concrete surfaces and stone.
  • Deodorises bins, toilets, drains, grease traps, toilets and more
  • AQIS approved.


Where to Use

Recommended applications:

  • Outdoor Areas – Ideal for removing stains & discolouration from sandstone, concrete, construction masonry and all natural stone types.
  • Showers, baths & tiles Ideal for sanitizing, cleaning and whitening shower recesses, baths and any tiled surfaces.  Effectively removes unsightly mould and mildew.
  • Restoration cleaning Safe and effective cleaner for restoration projects involving heritage stone. Restores the stone to its original beauty without damaging the surface.

How to Use

Pre-test in an inconspicuous location before use. Check for colour change or discolouration, especially on old baths and showers.


  • For use as a sanitizer to remove mould, mildew, germs and bacteria, use undiluted.
  • For use as a general cleaner in outdoor applications and stone restoration, dilute 30ml Chlorosan per litre of water.
  • Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions when using in a foam generator.


  • For sanitization, apply through a squeeze bottle. Squirt onto surface, agitate and allow at least 10 minutes dwell time for maximum anti-bacterial action.  Rinse well with clear water.
  • For general cleaning, make up solution in a clean vessel and mop or wash down surfaces using standard cleaning techniques. Rinse with potable water.
  • Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions when using through a foam generator.


  • Classified as hazardous according to the criteria of NOHSC.
  • Observe all safety recommendations made on the MSDS and product label.
  • Do not mix with any other chemicals.