Deosan Anti Bact Odour Neutraliser-20 L

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Deosan is a proprietary, anti-microbial odour-neutralizer for use in severe mal-odour situations arising from

  • Organic waste
  • Urine
  • Faeces
  • Seweragepets
  • Flooding
  • Fire damage

The core mal-odour eliminating activity in Deosan is derived from a synergistic combination of powerful biocides and professional odour-neutralizing chemistry. This will provide you with a highly effective attack where the odour causing bacteria and spores are quickly destroyed whilst the air-borne mal-odours are absorbed and neutralised.

It’s the quickest and most effective way to restore healthy indoor air quality.

  • Odour Neutralizing – Deosan employs a professional mal-odour absorber which encapsulates and neutralizes air-borne mal-odours.
  • Sophisticated Anti-microbial Chemistry – To provide a total solution to odour elimination, Deosan destroys odour causing bacteria and spores with a powerful blend of biocides and potentiators.
  • Fresh Residual Scent – Deosan not only eliminates the mal-odours but deodorizes the area with a fresh floral scent.
  • Fire Damage Odours – Deosan effectively combats tough fire odours.
  • Mould & Mildew – Deosan’s powerful biocidal activity is also ideal for destroying mould and mildew spores.
  • Hard surfaces – also ideal for use on hard surfaces.

Also available in Deosan Anti Bact Odour Neutraliser 5L 

15 litre and 20 Litre drums allow you to buy in bulk. The chemical can be easily dispensed using an aeroflow tap. Simply remove the lid, fit the tap and lay the drum on its side for easy use. Customers can fill 5 litre, 1 litre and 500ml bottles for easy use by staff.

15 litre and 20-litre drums can be fitted to chemical dispensers which will regulate the number of chemicals used. They can be purchased or supplied with a free on loan agreement (Conditions apply)

The Rapid Drum Spanner secures and removes the lid with ease.

Buy our measuring cup in 500ml and 1 litre sizes, which show dilution rates and amount of chemical required for accurate dilution. 500ml spray bottles are either pre-labelled or you can purchase labels for compliance certification.

Remember Safety Data Sheets are available for chemicals being used and stored. See our page for easy downloads