Medusa Battery Multisurface Sweeper

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A battery powered sweeper that is lightweight, with a cylindrical brush to gather small objects and agitate dust from carpets. With a wide mouth capable of picking up small objects, its ideal in public areas like cinemas, office foyers, shop counters. 

No cords means no trip hazard!

Medusa Battery Operated Sweeper features:

* 45 mins run time per removeable battery

* storage for second battery on board

* 90 min re-charge time

* 360 degree maneuverability

* Lightweight 2.8kg

* 2 Litre Collection tray

* Side & corner rotating brushes for edge cleaning

* Rubber wheels

* Very quiet

* Telescopic handle

* Easy Roller brush changover

* Foot controlled on/off switch and adaptable to any surface indoor or outdoor.