Pro Max 1 product B Bucket Fill-16L/Min

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Seko PXB1F16 | Seko Promax Proportioning Dispenser
Seko Promax proportioning dispenser: Modular chemical dilution and proportioning dispenser Promax ,Promax Button (1) product, Backflow: Flex-gap
- Flow Rate 4 GPM, 1 Chemicals
- Fill small and large containers for all cleaning applications
- Flow rate at 1, 4 or 8 GPM (4, 16 or 30 L/min)
- Easy touch locking button or bottle slide activation
- Pistol-grip and tubing for remote actuation available for systems at 4 or 8 GPM flow rates
- F-Gap backflow preventing devices certified ASSE 1055, UPC, ANSI, ASME

Time saving, easy installation with:
- External tip seat
- Quick connect fittings for water supply and muti-unit coupling
- Mounting bracket - no need to open the ProMax to install
- Modularity
- Tool free - “Mount the bracket on the wall and put away your tools

- Robust materials and construction for maximum reliability:
- Magnetic solenoid type activating valve
- Tamper proof housing and activating mechanism
- 4 product selector valve uses a special seal for maximum, wide ranging chemical compatibility
- Auto-activating venturi requires no downstream restriction to create back pressure
- Patented backflow prevention offering effective protection while minimizing flow restriction

Low Mainenance:
- Reduced service calls
- Robust Housing and valve activating mechanism
- Robust hydraulic with 130 PSI static pressure tolerance
- Auto-locking connection
- Auto-activating venturi
- Optional cartridge filter for areas with troublesome water conditions to reduce water related service calls