Steamroller II Extra HD Stripper 5litre

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Steamroller II is an extra heavy duty floor stripper for hard to remove and difficult sealers, including concrete sealers, water based finishes and urethane fortified acrylic sealers. The product must be applied, given time to activate, scrubbed and then rinsed off using a neutraliser to counteract the alkalinity, particular on stone and terazzo suraces. Ideal for use with gas stripping machines and auto scrubbers over large areas.

  • Aggressive stripping action to reduce scrubbing time.
  • Pleasant pine aroma
  • Incredibily fast penetration to suspend the sealer from the floor
  • No  ammonia or "nasty" chemical smells
  • pH 12.5-13.0

Note Before use:

  • Wear impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side shields for your protection
  • Ensure you follow directions on labels

Dilution Rate:

General build-up: 1 part Steamroller II to 8 parts Water

Heavy build-up: 1 part Steamroller II to 4 parts Water



  1. Prepare the correct dilution according to finish build up.
  2. Generously spread the floor stripping solution over area with mop and bucket.
  3. Allow the solution to work on the floor for 5-10 mins (usually at least 5 minutes). Do not
    allow the stripping solution to dry.
  4. Place black stripping pad under the floor machine or use the stripping brush. For terrazzo use Tynex brushes to help cut through heavy build up
  5. Scrub length wise along skirting boards. Then strip side to side over the remaining area.
  6. Use the hand scrub pad to detail strip along the edges and in the corners of the room. Heel the floor machine on badly soiled spots. Avoid splashing stripper on walls.
  7. Work in a controlled area to avoid walking on the wet area.
  8. Use a wet pick-up vacuum to remove stripper solution from the floor.
  9. Do not allow the dirty solution to dry on the floor.
  10. Use a clean mop and clean water. Cover area liberally with rinse water
  11. Pick up the rinse water with the wet pick-up vacuum. Wipe all skirting boards before they
  12. Damp mop the floor with clear water for the final rinse and to ensure that all stripper
    solution has been removed.