Instant Foam Sanitiser Pack (3 cart+dis)

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Starter pack for Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser

3x 1 litre cartridges plus 1 dispenser (free)

Deb InstantFOAM® is a unique, hypo-allergenic, alcohol-based hand sanitiser which is dispensed into the hands as a foam. The fast acting and highly effective formula kills 99.999% of most common germs, helping to reduce the risk of the spread of germs.


Ideal for use in healthcare, food handling and any other work environment or public area where a higher level of hand hygiene is required.

  • Restaurants and cafeterias
  • Staff kitchens & food preparation areas
  • Areas of the workplace where there is interaction with the public
  • Where money is handled
  • At main office entry points
  • On desks in offices for personal use
  • Public building entry points
  • Airports
  • Public transport
  • Shopping malls
  • Sports & leisure venues
  • Education facilities – pre-school, primary, secondary, further and higher education
  • Issue to outdoor and mobile workers