Autoplus bucket 10kg Laundry Powder

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Autoplus is a premium, fully built, low foaming, detergent laundry powder for use in all domestic and industrial machines. Autoplus is formulated using high quality anti-redeposition agents, emulsifiers and new surfactant technology to give the professional launderer a laundry detergent powder which delivers consistent reliable results.


  • Premium Quality – A high quality, professionally formulated laundry powder.
  • High Performance – Specifically designed to provide high performance laundering and maximum removal of protein and organic soiling.
  • Washing Machine Compatibility – It’s low foam formula and rapid dissolving characteristic make it ideal for both front and top loading washing machines.
  • Fibre Care – Autoplus contains specialty fibre care agents which not only promote soil release but also leave the fibre free of abrasive encrustations.
  • No Greying - Sophisticated anti-redeposition agents prevent fabric greying.


Where to Use

  • Suited for use in all domestic and industrial automatic washing machines.
  • Excellent for use in aged care and community facilities, clinics, hospitals, hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.