Sani Stand Touch Free dispenser basic

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The stand is a professional commercial grade display stand with a touch-free refillable dispenser mounted on the front. It has been tested to dispense sanitising gel which is supplied separately in 5 litre bottles. The stand is stable, unlike some basic top-heavy stands seen in the market

The stand can be fitted with an optional whiteboard front surface that acts as a notice board to customer and staff use.

On the reverse side there is a standard brochure/notice holder that allows passers-by to take information away - Great for schools, preschools, retail stores, reception foyers, entrances to main thoroughfares in factories, gyms, offices, universities, schools, restaurants, pubs and medical clinics.


  • Hand Sanitiser automatic dispenser
  • Catalogue or Brochure Holder
  • Product Display
  • Easy Clean Magnetic Base


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