Lemex & SpeedyWipes PH Neutral Detergent

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Lemex pH Neutral Detergent 5L & Speedy Clean Wipes Flat Pack PKT50


Lemex pH Neutral Detergent


  • Inexpensive, general-purpose detergent
  • Fresh long-lasting perfume
  • pH Neutral - Excellent Materials Compatibility
  • Non-corrosive
  • Class 1 Medical Device

Lemex is an inexpensive lemon perfumed liquid suitable for general use as a cleaner or reodorant. Lemex is suitable for surface cleaning and use on other Class 1 Medical Devices and has been entered onto the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Using Lemex as directed ensures Healthcare facilities comply with current healthcare regulations.

Lemex is a neutral detergent containing a powerful cationic surfactant and a fresh long-lasting lemon perfume. Being neutral it is non-corrosive to fibres and common hard surfaces including normal domestic, commercial and most hospital/medical flooring.


Speedy Clean Wipes Flat Pack PKT50

Are excellent ready-to-use hospital-grade, anionic neutral detergent wipes that leave a streak-free finish on surfaces. Ideal for cleaning surfaces and equipment in health-related environments. The single-use application improves infection control by avoiding cross-contamination.

Speedy Clean Wipes are pleasantly perfumed and fast-drying, leaving surfaces streak-free after cleaning. Speedy Clean Wipes are designed for use in healthcare facilities including Hospitals, General Practices, Aged Care, and Dental facilities. Keeping surfaces clean is critical in maintaining Infection Control in healthcare settings.

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