Bio Healthcare Bottle Aqua Mop - Red

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The Aquamop is the ultimate mop offering bucketless mopping. It has a colour coded bottle attached to the pole with a manual button release to squirt water and additional chemical onto the floor. Mop pads are presoaked, but as they move over the ground they lose cleaning liquid. The Aquamop allows the cleaner to continue cleaning adding fresh mixed chemical and water - more productive than going back to resoak the mop, no dirt added to the floor the way string mops progresisvely put dirt back onto floors as they get dunked into buckets! If a fresh mop is needed whne the existing mop is laoded with dirt, peel it off and bag for laundering, put on a fresh mop pad, and release water to start wetting it (if not already presoaked)

Mop your floors with clean solution that is not infected with dirt and bacteria and see how much cleaner your floors will become. Great for small areas of floor and spot mopping when necessary.

Use with our Range of Microfibre Covers and Pads.

Pads are designed with different colours for zone cleaning (bathroom/ general/ kitchen/ infection), and different pad textiles for non-slip floors, smooth tile/vinyl, and may have thickened edges to clean skirting angles effectively