Clean Plus 5lit Vira San

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Vira San is an easy-to-use, simple solution that you can spray and wipe. It is a Hospital Grade Disinfectant, TGA approved for COVID-19. It has proven to kill germs and bacteria. 



- Safe to use on most surfaces incl. glass, plastic & stainless steel

- Effective sanitation within 60 seconds

- Cleans & disinfects

- No dilution is required



To clean: Wear gloves, and clean the surface by spraying, waiting, and wiping. Use fresh disposable cloaths to soak it up. 

To disinfect: Spray and wait 60 seconds to kill bacteria & germs and soak up using a fresh, disposable cloth.


500ml also available.


Remember Safety Data Sheets are available for chemicals being used and stored. See here for easy download.