Tanners Choice Leather Protector

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Leather cleaner and protection that is simple and safe on all leathers. When applied to freshly cleaned or new leather it dries to a natural soft sheen and will only show a higher sheen when more than two coats are applied.


  • Ensures leather does not dry out or crack prematurely.
  • Forms a film that penetrates and bonds to the surface, creating a tough barrier layer that helps resist spillages, abrasives, and grime.
  • Contains no silicone-based products that offer poor protection against hot or oil-based spills.
  • Once protected leather sheds dust making it easier to clean.

1. Do not dilute. Use neat. Apply using a clean, damp, and lint-free cloth.
2. Pour a small quantity of PROTECTOR onto a pad and apply to back of the article first in firm even strokes, slightly rubbing into
edges and crevices. Never rub freshly applied coats as this will permanently smear or streak the partly dried surface.
3. If the coat is uneven, buff out with dry toweling after the surface is tack free after about 10 mins.
4. A second coat can be applied across the direction of the previous coat to increase protection on seat, cushions, and armrests. (This may be required on seat cushions and armrests where heavy wear protection is required).
5. Allow approximately 30 – 45 minutes to dry between coats.
6. Repeat process section by section until item has been coated.
7. After surface has been protected it will be safe to use once the solvent smell has dissipated (usually a few hours after treatment).

To be used with Tanners Choice Leather Shampoo.

Remember Safety Data Sheets are available for chemicals being used and stored. See here for an easy download.