Rapid Group Goes International

The Rapid Group is going international. 4 cleaning supply shops located in New Zealand who will commence trading using the Rapid Group marketing and buying power from July 2017. This strategic expansion is in response to major customer and the Rapid Group preferred suppliers encouraging expansion, to deliver the high standards of professional service they receive in Australia from the 50 member across the country. Rapid Clean Newcastle is a long established large member of the Rapid Clean network of dealers, offering high levels of immediate fill rate on orders, superior product and usage advice, technical service on equipment in our workshop, and local ownership and local employment.


Financial Year End tax savings encourage investment in Mechanised Cleaning before June 30 2017.

The end of Financial Year at June 30 2017 is looming as a FINAL opportunity to buy equipment below $20000 and write it off instantly instead of depreciating it. It’s a great contribution from the government towards improving the quality of cleaning, reduce costs and improve safety by small businesses with turnover below $10m pa. After that date assets over $1000 will be depreciated over the years of their useful life.

Cleaning Managers are under relentless pressure to cut costs. The biggest cost is labor, and mechanised cleaning of floor and wall surfaces is generally faster and more effective than manual cleaning. Vacuums, Sweepers and Scrubbers replace brooms, scourers and mops doing it faster, consistently, and more thoroughly. Time saved can lead to reduced operator hours, or diverted hours to other cleaning projects that often get deferred.

Mechanised cleaning also brings controlled usage of chemicals that reduce cost, and reduced chemical flows into the environment. Vacuums with filters gather and retain dust instead of stirring it up into airborne dirt and sometimes harmful bacteria that can be breathed in by staff and customers.Mechanised cleaning reduces manual effort, bringing reduced WHS claims for injury at work. Floors that are cleaner, and drier, also reduces safety hazards that are legally and financially costly.
Talk to your financial advisor and have them visit Rapid Clean Newcastle to see the great range of equipment that is the widest and best quality of any cleaning outlet in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley!









Hand hygiene and Infection Prevention and Control more generally are key weapons in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).




IPC leaders need to champion hand hygiene campaigning and progress their journey of integrating WHO’s “core components” for IPC in every health facility.


Everyone can play their part and here’s how:


  • health workers - clean your hands at the right times.


  • chief executive officers and managers of health facilities - support hand hygiene campaigning and IPC programmes to protect patients from antibiotic resistant infections.


  • policy makers - stop AMR spread by demonstrating national support for and commitment to infection prevention.


Find out more about WHO’s campaign on hand hygiene and IPC - WHO 5th May 2017


Please ensure that you visit the WHO link above and review the posters, email banners, resources available for promotion of the Hand Hygiene Day 2017.




Read our blog on the Importance of Hand Hygiene.



The RapidClean Website now has a new page which hosts all RapidClean product SDS sheets, Risk Assessments, & Wall Charts as well as links to SDS sheets from preferred suppliers: Diversey, Oates, Research Products, Aamtech, Tasman & Ecolab.
RapidClean's Unique Labels

RapidClean is proud to announce that we are the only company in Australia to print QR codes on our chemical labels. They link directly to the product online where you can access all important information including: SDS Sheets, Risk Assessments & Product Information Sheets.








Intro Purchasing Strategic Priority

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RapidClean Newcastle News


Inclean Nov-DEC 2015

 Larger manufacturers supply internet sales channels and unspecialised industrial dealers destroying the specialised dealers and their brand effectiveness. End users then experience poor product selection, cleaning performance and trouble shooting. In the November-December issue of the Inclean Magazine two of our team members Stephen Makins and Lindsay Guy discuss how cleaning machine brands are devalued by unspecialised dealers.


Australian manufacturer makinex has appointed Rapid Clean Newcastle as its Newcastle equipment and service retailer. The strong equipment experience offered by rapid complements the quality design and construction of Makinex high pressure washer equipment. With Australian and export sales of over 800 units, Makins rotary high pressure washer shave proven themselves in end user and hire fleets. The variable 1000-4000 PSI, coupled with Honda engine, integrated lance, and galvanise dframe, make for a robust high eprformance machine at affordable prices. Visit thye Rapid Clean showroom to see ademonstration of the machine.


 Carpet Training

Carpet Cleaning Training was held at Rapid Clean Newcastle premises 16th Sept for customer staff. The chemical options and considerations were presented by experienced chemical engineers from Applied chemicals, local experts in carpet cleaning chemical technology. Then a wide range of equipment was demonstrated by Rapid staff, merging the theory with practice to stimulate awareness of technique and challenges. A week later, advanced training occurs on cellulosic browning. The event is part of the value added proposition Rapid Clean Newcastle presents to customers t partner their employee and business capabilities, to be more than just a product conduit. We are a meaningful knowledge base for cleaners and major end users needing assistance to optimise cleaning effectiveness of people and product.


carpet cleaning training intro


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