Mechanical Sweepers agitate debris and dirt into a hopper sometimes with fitration to gather and permanently remove dirt. This substantially improves dust collection compared with brooms that comonly stir up dust while gathering debris.

Whether you need a battery-powered walk-behind sweeper for compact spaces or an industrial ride-on sweepers to help you keep your facility free of debris and dust, we've got you covered.

Take sweeping performance to the next level when you add on brushes, dust mops, and HEPA filters to customize the cleaning capabilities of these commercial and industrial sweepers.

Our walk-behind the range of commercial floor sweepers is well suited to a variety of industrial cleaning applications. Tough and durable, our walk behind floor sweepers are ideally suited for both small and large areas inside and outdoors. From compact manual push sweepers to larger powered sweeping machines, you'll find the right commercial floor sweeper equipment for your budget and needs. Please view our current range of walk-behind sweepers below.






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