Floor Care & Maintenance

Floor Care & Maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness of your floor takes effort, and this effort can come not only from your part as the person who cleans but also from the floor cleaning chemicals that you use to combat germs.

We have you covered! We bring high quality and effective products that you would want for all your floor care needs.

Caring for your floor can be the biggest challenge in your cleaning. Here we examine the types of floors and different methods used. 
Vinyl Floors
You'll find vinyl floors in a wide range of different environments, and they all need to be managed in different ways. From the floors in your kitchen, to big expensive department stores, to supermarkets, to childcare centres - We have the products you need to create a long-lasting, hardwearing and good looking finish!
Wood Floors
Do you just love your wood floors, but hate it when they start to look dull, lifeless or streaky? Rapid Clean Newcastle has everything you need to get your wood floors looking amazing!  We know our floors! If you've got a specific problem you just don't know how to solve, give us a call and speak to the technicians.
Tiles, Concrete, Stone, Terracotta & Pavers
Tiled and concrete floors can be the most difficult types of floors to manage, with so many different types of tiles and stone on the market. If you've moved into a new house or work premises, you might not know what kind of tiles are on your floor or what they've been coated with. This can make it difficult to know how to maintain them. Luckily, we can help! If you're unsure of what do to with your tile, stone, or concrete floors, give us a call! Our friendly staff will be happy to guide you to the products that will make your floors look excellent.

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