Garbage & Rubbish Bins

Garbage & Rubbish Bins

Garbage bins and small rubbish bins for tidy liners, allow effective storage of solid or liquid waste in bags within a solid bin. The choice is determined by space available and the type of waste.

What’s The Difference in Garbage Bins Between Pedal, Square and Swing Options?

These product options are designed to best fit a range of garbage bins options available on the market. Square-shaped bins and buckets with flap lids are the most common design available. Swing top options generally consist of a swinging or sliding hatch through which rubbish is placed. Lids assist controlling odour.

Pedal bins are those opened with a foot lever or something similar to avoid touching lids. Size may be determined by space available for the bin, or the type of rubbish.

Some larger bins have wheels to allow them to be moved to bulk waste storage areas.

Bins may be colour-coded, generally with lid colours to differentiate type of waste.

Recycling bins can have a recycling logo.

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