Hazardous Vacuum Bags

Hazardous Vacuum Bags

Why Use Hazardous Vacuum bags?

Hazardous Vacuum Bags are necessary to safely capture and retain hazardous materials that could threaten safety of people. Increasingly substances are being identified that can cause lung disease, poisoning, serious adverse reactions. These include asbestos, lead, carcinogenic paints and coatings. Recently silicosis is rapidly emerging as a dire threat among operators cutting stone, tiles, and composite kitchen table tops. So its about safety to operators, staff and customers. Its also about legal compliance with state legislation with both possible financial and jail risk.

There are accreditation standards at state level that specify standards to be met for a vacuum bag to be accepted as compliant. These are normally within the broader specifications of hazardous vacuum cleaners, with their advanced filtration and seals. Great care is necessary while operating, especially when changing full bags for empty bags when vacuums are opened and hazardous materials can be dispersed into the immediate environment.

Rapid Clean sells the global leading brand of hazarous vacuum cleaners, Nilfisk.

We usually always have the entry model VHS 30L H vacuum in stock. There is the larger Nilfisk 40L H vacuum with sensor filtration to automatically try and purge blocked filters.