Air Movers & Dehumidifiers


What advantages do air movers offer, including their effectiveness in expediting the drying of damp surfaces compared to conventional standing fans? These high-performance fans are particularly useful in areas affected by floods, leaks, or carpet cleaning. By hastening the drying process, they not only minimize the potential for unpleasant odours but also mitigate the risk of bacteria growth and prevent the formation of unsightly wet stains. Additionally, incorporating air movers can enhance defence mechanisms against mould, further bolstering their role in maintaining a healthy environment.

Air movers come in different fan intensities. 
They typically blow air right across the surface to accelerate evaporation. Rooms need to be ventilated to let moisture out.
Benefits of using air movers:
  • Reduce slip-and-fall accidents by drying surfaces faster than evaporation
  • Lower the risk of allergy-aggravating mould, and stains
  • Reduce the risk of chemical and paint odours 
  • Get facilities operational more quickly