Hand Soap

Hand Soap

Foam Soap vs Liquid Soap

Foam Soaps are more economical for light dirt cleaning than liquid soaps. Foam soap starts as a liquid, the dispenser injects air into the liquid and thus making foam out of it. As foam soap is a thinner consistency and aerated a smaller dosage is needed per use, decreasing price and it reduces water use up to 16% for rinsing. However, there is evidence that liquid soap is more effective on germs as more time is spent lathering hands due to the thicker consistency. Some liquid sopas have anti-bacterial content to assist managing bacteria risk, some have agitating beads to release dirt. Soaps may have fragrances that appeal, or create concern notably in children sensitive to fragrance or colour chemicals.

Grit/Industrial Soap

Industrial soaps are most commonly used in trade industries that are needing heavy duty hand cleaners to cut through grease and oil. Some heavy-duty soaps have a grit included to give extra scrubbing power.


Hand Protection Cream

Barrier creams are used after hand cleaning and before working with hard to clean substances such as oils to create an invisible barrier that will reduce wear and tear on your hands with less scrubbing required to clean them after.

Soap vs. Sanitiser

Soap is used to clean and remove germs and microbes from the skin whereas sanitiser is designed to kill germs. It is recommended that soap is used before applying sanitiser, especially if visibly dirty, and it generally isn’t as effective on visible dirt.

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