Knives & Box Cutters

Knives & Box Cutters

Knives and box cutters offer a range of versatile, handy tools that are needed throughout industry, as well as the art & design sectors. One of the most popular types of workplace utility knife is the retractable or folding variation most commonly known as the Stanley knife. These types of utility instruments are designed as multi-purpose cutting utensils for use in a variety of trades and crafts.

Why So Versatile?

These tool sets offer a solution that is compact, handheld and can cut thin materials such as corrugated packaging or plastic film. This quick and easy utensil is the kind of tool that is common both in households and industrial settings, facilitating the most efficient cutting route in most cases or packaging and cover. The options available on the market include safety features, such as limited blade exposure, on-board retraction capability, and ergonomic handle design all to allow for a more safe and effective experience.

Specialised Design 

Tools like the manual box cutter have blades with multiple position settings to allow for the most effective solution when you need it. With adjustable amounts showing you can ideally choose a length that matches the material you're working with and retract the blade when your safety box cutter is not in use. This ensures that you can tackle a number of tasks with varying materials, simply adjusting the length of the blade each time. In this way, the tool exposes just enough edge to make a clean cut, reducing the risk of injury or cutting what may be just under the surface layer. An Auto-Retractable Box Cutter combines the metal line with a spring-loaded mechanism that retracts the blade automatically when you let go of the slider button.

Choosing the right opener depends on the material you’re cutting and the speed required on each task. Slice offers a wide variety of depths, so you can find the right tool for the job in any situation. While traditional openers usually have a metal piece that is within the 1-inch range, with Slice you’ll find multiple options at your disposal so you can complete a number of tasks in a number of settings. In addition, our ergonomic handle ensures absolute control over your tool while you cut. 

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