Scrubbing Brushes

Scrubbing Brushes

Choosing Floor Scrubber Brushes to match application

Effective scrubbing requires agitation, time and cleaning chemicals. So agitation from mechanical scrubbers will determine how aggressively the brush works the dirt and the surface, without damaging the surface. Sometimes an operator may need several types of brush to get the best outcomes across multiple usages. Brushes are alternative to Floor pads.

Brushes are good where surafces are not unifirmly smooth, as bristles reach into grout lines or uneven surfaces. Brushes are wear items, and need to be replaced when worn to a point when the bristles are not to short and stiff, or pads on uneven surfaces might encounter the surface and cause damage.

ProLite Brushes:

Bristles are made from light-duty polypropylene for general scrubbing when there is a risk of tougher brushes scratching or remove sealer from surfaces. They are an alternative to of red pads.

Prolene Brushes:

Polypropylene tougher material for medium-duty scrubbing on concrete, terrazzo and with care, vinyl floor tile.  They are an alternative to blue pads.

Magna Grit Brushes:

Achieves aggressive scrubbing of highly durable surfaces, where dirt loads are also very heavy. Would be used with appropriate chemicals like degreaser or acidic chemicals. This brush has extra large diameter silicon carbide grit impregnated synthetic bristles. The equivalent pad is black stripping pads definitely used wih stripping chemcials to cerate the slip factor to offset the roughest pad aggressiveness.

Dyna Grit Brushes:

For aggressive, heavy-duty scrubbing or stripping of floors. Recommended for use in place of brown pads that may be used dry without chemical. 

MidLite Grit Brushes:

For general purpose scrubbing of sealed or unsealed concrete, stone, terrazzo, quarry tile and other resilient hard floor surfaces. They offer resistance to being worn away by the aggressive surface. The alternative is green or blue pads. Too rough for vinyl.

MidGrit Brushes:

Used where significant action required on the dirt on resilient surfaces like smooth concrete (internal not rough external), stone, terazzo, brick. Too rough foir vinyl. the alternative is green or blue pads