Graffiti Removers

Graffiti Removers

Graffiti removal is most effective when it's actioned within 24-48 hours of being applied to the surface. When removing graffiti with chemicals, the user's health must be taken into consideration as well as the surface the chemical is being applied to.

Using an environmentally sustainable chemical, such as Soyclean is soy-based and provides excellent results. There are 4 controllable factors when removing graffiti:

  • Time: The longer the chemical can remain in contact, the deeper the chemical can penetrate the surface, however, sensitive surfaces will need shorter contact time to ensure the surface is not damaged.
  • Agitation: The surface will need to be agitated used a hard bristle brush, however more sensitive surfaces may need softer brushes so the surface is not scratched.
  • Chemical: Different chemicals have different pros and cons. Carefully read the directions and warnings when using.

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