Floor Care & Maintenance

When floor care and maintenance is concerned, different chemicals required for different tasks, including:

To ensure the integrity of flooring proper maintenance is required. The ongoing maintenance and floor care are achieved by remove dirt, oils, and stains by ensuring regular cleaning using floor detergents, such as Hard Track and Tempo HD, or floor cleaners with built-in additives for added shine and protection.

Either cutting back and stripping and sealing a floor will provide added protection and extend it's life. Cutting a floor back using a black stripping pad will remove several layers of damaged polish, while applying a scuffed surface, to allow several layers of new polish to be applied. Another option is to completely strip the old polish from the floor, and applying a new base coat (optional) and polish. More information on hard floor stripping and sealing can be found with the Rapid Clean's online training

Proper floor maintenance requires floor pads, sanding belts, discs and screens in a range of grades, as well as polish applicators.



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