Fire Iron & Rust Removal

Fire Iron & Rust Removal

Rapid Clean Newcastle offers a number of products to remove rust spots from a number of surfaces or rectify damaged surfaces caused by fire activity and resultant smoke and soot

Removing stains caused by fire, iron, and rust can be particularly resilient stains. Chemicals are available, specifically designed for different stains.

Soot and smoke stains: Soot or carbon stains are especially difficult to remove from most surfaces. When fire consumes synthetic material, such as plastic, paint, and rubber, the soot deposits contain oils and resins which penetrate into the porous surface. Products such as Fire Restore will penetrate deep into porous surfaces and break down and release the soot and smoke deposits.

Iron and rust stains: Rust stains can be challenging to remove because the stain consists of tiny iron oxide particles and some treatments won't remove the stain but set it. Rust Remover is designed to be used on a variety of fabrics and hard surfaces.

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