Washroom Supplies

Rapid Clean Newcastle have a range of products for any bathroom and washroom.

  • Air fresheners: 

    Aerosol and passive air fresheners

  • Body Wash and Shampoos: 

    Body wash, shampoo and conditioners, available in bulk fill and pod refills

  • Hand Soaps: 

    A range of pH neutral hand soaps which are soft on your hands. Dispensers are also available.

  • Hand Towels: 

    Ultraslim hand towels, 

    compact hand towel, slimfold or mulitfold hand towel, 

    are the more common 

    interleaved hand towels

    Roll towel 





    are another popular option. 

    Hand towel dispensers

    are also available.

  • Toilet Paper:

    • Conventional 2ply toilet paper; 400 sheet and 700 sheet

    • Jumbo toilet paper

    • Mini jumbo toilet paper

    • Interleaved toilet paper

  • Sanitary bins, urinal screens and toiet bowl clips.