Floor Sanders

Floor Sanders

Floor sanders are used to sand back a variety of materials, including particleboard, timber, cork and sometimes parquet.

Floor sanders are typically used after a floor covering, such as a carpet, vinyl or lino (linoleum) has been removed and the floor is to be prepared to apply a floor sealer

Floor Sanders are available as low speed and high speed (approximately 190-350 RPM), which is a lower RPM compared to Polishers and Burnishers (typically up to 75 RPM for regular speed polishers and over 1,000 RPM for ultra high-speed polishers). Sanders produces large amounts of dust when sanding back flooring, which is captured for disposal in the attached collection bag (or closure-dust bag).

Floor Sanders have a range of accessories and consumables, including:

Health Considerations

When operating a floor sander, proper health considerations should be made, ensuring the correct personal protective equipment is worn. 




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