Microfibre Cloths/Pads/Holders

Microfibre cloths are made from split fibres of polyester, and are designed to clean on a microscopic scale. Tests have shown using microfibre to clean a surface leads a reduction of bacteria by 99%, compared to the 33% reduction of bacteria from conventional cloths.

The microfibre threads of a cloth have more surface area, allowing it collect more dirt particles. Microfibre materials are available in a number of cleaning products, including general microfibre cloths, microfibre glass cleaning cloths and microfibre pads


Microfibre is highly absorbant, and will not scratch paintwork (unless the microfibres contain grit or hard particles from previous use).

 Microfibre materials can be washed using regular laundry detergant, which does not contain self-softening, soap-based detergents. 

Fabric softeners can not be used when cleaning microfibre cloths and cannot be machine dried.