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Are you undecided about the window cleaning tool to get? Do you need something that can be used in multiple areas? Then an Ettore product may be for you. Some window cleaning tools come with compatible components that may seem bulky, time-consuming, and simply confusing. You can avoid that confusion by choosing a product that reduces the hassle for you.

Ettore products involve the Pro-Grip, the Pro-Series, and the professional REA-CH handle. These are exceptional squeegees that use water jet technology along with a squeegee pad to clean windows. They are ergonomically for the comfort of your hands. This means that you do not experience unnecessary strain on your wrists when you use them. The pivot detail on this squeegee allows you to access hard to reach areas, for example, corners and arches. Its constant movement makes the time spent cleaning fly by. It also fits most variations of poles, so you can customise your own perfect cleaning tool. The products get the job done without the use of harsh chemicals. The squeegee blades are very durable, and the detachable microfiber pads are gentle yet abrasive. They were designed to help you complete the cleaning process as quickly as possible naturally.

Window Cleaning Chemicals 

Are you looking for chemicals to clean your glass or windows? We have a wide range of window and glass cleaners that includes those suitable for spray and wipe application or window tools.

Rapid Clean Newcastle is Australia’s leading supplier of online cleaning products. Browse and buy great quality window cleaning supplies. We are locally owned and operated with our showroom based in Mayfield West, Newcastle. Drop by and look at the wide ranges of window cleaning products! Our product range includes Water-Fed pole systems, handles, window cleaners, and clothes.

Fast Glass Cleaner Halo Window Cleaner Pack Earthsmart Eco Friendly Window Cleaner


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