Carpet Protection Chemicals

Carpet Protection Chemicals

Carpet Protection

Just as you put wax on your car to protect its finish from the elements to keep it looking newer longer, soft furnishings need a protective treatment too. Protectants create an invisible shield, which allows you to vacuum soil away more easily.

A once-only application of fabric protection provides a lifetime of protection to all fabrics, including silk, wool, leather, suede, and synthetic fibers used in carpets, rugs, and upholstery. MicroSeal dramatically increases the life of all-natural and synthetic fabrics. 

Does carpet protector really work?

The good news for the professional is that most carpets have carpet protectors on their fiber which makes them usually clean-up really well. You see the protector acts as a shield between the spots, spills and soil, and the actual carpet fiber.

Fabric Protection:

• protects against re-soiling and water-based stains
• helps carpet fibers keep their colour
• ensures carpet and upholstery fabrics resist stains
• will keep carpet and upholstery cleaner for longer
• Creates a barrier between the fabric and the stains
• helps in the Prevention of dirt sticking to fibers in fabrics