Polishers & Burnishers

Polishers & Burnishers

Floor polishers and burnishers are used to clean and buff a range of floor types.

Floor polishers are available with different speeds (or RPM), typically up to 750rpm for regular speed polishers and over 1,000 rpm for ultra high speed polishers.

Regular speed polishers can use a range of standard pads for polishing, scrubbing and stripping. Ultra high speed floor polishers can use a wider range of floor pads.

For more information in which pads to use click here

The two types of floor polishers are:

Suction polishers, which are designed with a vacuum to collect debris and dirt hen using the machine. A skirt surrounding the spinning pad traps the debris in the spinning pad and collects it (Note: suction polishers are not designed to collect large amounts of liquid)

Non-Suction polishers, which strip, scrub, polish or clean the floor with no collection. This means a floor squeegee or electrostatic mop can be used to collect left over dirt and rubbish.


To sand floors, you will need a Floor Sander