Bathroom Cleaning Chemicals

Bathroom Cleaning Chemicals

Bathrooms have many cleaning challenges that cover disinfection, soap/body fat removal, grout cleaning, urine stain and odour removal, mould killing, sensitive and rough surfaces, and glass cleaning. Communal bathroom cleaning is especially important to manage to minimize hygiene risks. Some chemicals require personal protection to protect eyes, skin and inhalation risk. There are bathroom cleaning tools that make cleaning easier and safer. 

Bathroom cleaning chemicals

Bathroom cleaning chemicals used to remove and clean the dirt, grime, germs, and sometimes mould found in bathrooms will typically have a strong acidic or alkaline pH level. Phosphoric acid in Zest makes it a very effective cleaner. Neutral chemicals are used on sensitive surfaces like natural stone and timber, and sensitive tile surfaces. Alkaline chemicals remove grease whether from kitchens or workshop-type work. Some cleaners like products with bleach or chlorine due to strong disinfection and the whitening properties - but can cause damage to both people and clothing when splashed and have fumes that can be inhaled. Bleach is a surface mould killer, not a deep mould spore fungicide for long-term mould and stain removal (see our mould removal range). 

Shower glass may need appropriate chemicals to remove long-term scale and soap residues. Mirrors and window cleaning will sparkle with quality products like Halo and Reflections

Personal protective equipment

Because of the pH level and different levels of corrosiveness, the chemicals may affect the user's skin. SDS sheets for each chemical Rapid Clean sells will guide users on hazard levels and remedial action. As such, correct personal protective equipment is highly recommended.

Protection of skin: Some chemicals may cause a reaction for some users. Vinyl gloves, Nitrile gloves, or Latex gloves will provide a layer of protection against irritation.

Protection against inhalation: Vapours from bathroom cleaning chemicals can cause breathing issues or damage to lung tissue. Earloop masks and P2 Respirators provide basic protection.

Protection of eye: Safety glasses will protect the eyes from direct splashes from the chemical being used.

Check out our urinal screen range for communal urinals, some with enzymes to continually reduce bacteria buildup in pipes.

Bathroom Cleaning Tools

Bathroom Cleaning tools when used with appropriate chemicals improve cleaning effectiveness, productivity and safety. See our range of scourers, and window cleaning kits including washers and squeegees, pump spray bottles, and grout brushes. Powered scrubbers like the I-Mop and Motor Scrubber effectively release dirt, especially on non-slip floors. The I-Mop also extracts the dirty water for very clean and dry outcomes.