Bathroom Cleaning Chemicals

Bathroom Cleaning Chemicals

Bathroom cleaning can require the need of the more harsh chemcials in your clenaing arsenal. The chemicals used to remove and clean the dirt, grime, germs and sometimes mould found in bathrooms will typcially have a pH level found on the end of the pH  scale. This makes them very effective cleaners.

Because of the pH level and different levels of corrosiveness, the chemicals may affect the user's skin. As such, correct personal protective equipment is highly recommended.

Protection of skin: Some chemicals may cause a reaction for some users. Vinyl gloves, Nitrile gloves or Latex gloves will provide a layer of protection against iritation.

Protection against inhalation: Vapours from bathroom cleaning chemicals can cause breathing issues or damage to lung tissue. Earloop masks and P2 Respirators provide a basic protection.

Protection of eye: Safety glasses will protect the eyes from direct splashes from the chemical being used.