Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Carpets can be dirtied with a variety of dirts, stains, blood, grease, rust and bacteria. RapidClean Newcastle have a range of carpet cleaning chemicals to assist in their removal.

Particular chemicals have been designed to be efficient against specific types of stains, such as protein based, such as dairy, blood and other bodily fluids or fats and oils, such as lipstick or salad dressing. Carpet extractors  are commonly used to agitateand remove the soils and stains once they have been released.

It is important to understand the possible impact chemicals can have on the carpets or fabrics. Carpet Cleaning chemicals treat dirt removal differently, have varying PH levels, colour impact, soil release properties. These different types of chemicals are to be used seperately to avoid unexpected outcomes and many will need to be rinsed and sometimes neutralised.

Appropriate microbial cleaners can effectively remove bacteria and urine crystals, which tend to cause offensive odours.Chemicals may sometimes be used on all fabrics, wool and sensitive fabrics may need testing in inconspicous places. While cleaning is typcially improved with warm water, excessively hot water can damage both machines and carpets.