Spa Cleaning Chemicals

Spa Cleaning Chemicals

Spa cleaning chemicals need to achieve high goals of cleaning given the next spa user will be immersed in the water, with the risk of previous user bacteria and dirt not being cleared away. We need to prevent bathers from getting sick. Untreated spa water is the perfect environment for the growth and proliferation of potentially dangerous bacteria. These bacteria can cause infections and lead to such diseases as Poliomyelitis, Meningitis and “Swimmers Ear”. Bacteria control is simply a matter of adding a sanitiser (usually chlorine) regularly, and then filtering all of the spa water to remove the dead bacteria. It is important to ensure that any new bacteria entering the water is met by a chlorine residual in sufficient concentration so that it is killed in as short a time as possible.

Friendly to the Environment, SPA.GIENE is bio-degradable and is the only jacuzzi spa cleaner which quickly and easily ‘flush-cleans’ spa baths and spa pools in hotels, motels, resorts, Day Spa, hospitals or gyms and ensures the removal of unwanted bacterial growth. SPA.GIENE breaks down and dislodges body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste from the pump, jets and pipe system, whilst gently polishes acrylic surfaces without tarnishing gold or chrome jets. Testimonies from global hotel groups, resorts, hospitals, healthcare acknowledge this unique product and it’s simple application, is less harmful, is a considerable improvement in terms of health and safety standards, and is more effective in extending the life of the spa bath equipment.

Also available from Rapid Clean is Spa Safe Sanitiser Biocide. Spa Safe is widely used to disinfect commercial spa baths as required by the Department of Health to eliminate disease causing pathogens from contaminated pipes

As a Cleaner and degreaser, it wipes out health threatening bacteria, fungus, mildew , molds and mites in pipes. It totally eliminates disease causing bacteria associated with asthma, hayfever, athletes foot and eczema. The degreasing solution melts away all pipe accumulated fat and debris deposits as spa water is circulated and drained away by the spa pump and booster heater
It Controls the growth of air born bacteria in pipes that can breed & be inhaled e.g. Legionaire's disease. 
Dosing Instruction: 10% dilution 

Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride 50g/L











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