Carpet Extractors

Rapid Clean Newcastle sells and stocks a wide variety of carpet extractors, and does equipment hire periodically.

Carpet and upholstery extractors help remove dirt, bacteria and stains from carpets and furniture using fluids, agitation and vacuuming, enhanced with appropriate carpet cleaning chemicals.

Carpet extractors vary in size based on spray pressure used to rinse carpets, on vacuuming power to extract fluids, on tank size of fresh water and waste fluid collection, and some have powered brushes to agitate carpets. 

Small carpet cleaners are commonly spot cleaners, with compact tools and equipment for portability and manouverability. They are not suitable for large rooms or open areas due to long time required using small tools and weak spray and vacuum. Portable machines are useful to move around facilities or from site to site

Large machines may have heating elements to enhance cleaning using hot water. Before using hot water and chemicals, the nature of fabrics and carpets need to be considered as to risk of damage or colour loss.

The carpet cleaning process can be spray and extraction, or encapsulating chemicals can be used to agitate and release dirt, but it is left to dry in crystals attached to carpet fibres, that are subsequently vacuumed up when they have dried.

Carpet extraction works better when chemicals are pre-sprayed and left to dwell and release drt, and carpet extractors are then used primarily to agitate and rinse out the chemicals and dirt. This is especially common when stains are being spot cleaned.