Hazardous Vacuums

Hazardous Vacuums

Why use hazardous vacuums

Hazardous vacuums are required when working with dust levels which could pose a health threat. These vacuums are designed with specialised filters, such as HEPA filters (High Eficiency Particulate Air) or Utra Low Particulate Air filters.

The vacuums are designed for the pick up of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, carcinogenic particles like paint with lead, and any dust that could be considered a health hazard.  Vacuums for absbestos removal are specially rated. Mould and bacteria can also be gathered.

Hazardous vacuums have a superior standard of design and construction to seal in the particles collected. So seals, filters, hoses are all manufactured to fine micron tolerances.

 Rapid Clean sells the global leading brand of hazarous vacuum cleaners, Nilfisk.

We usually always have the entry model VHS 30L H vacuum in stock. There is the larger Nilfisk 40L H vacuum with sensor filtration to automatically try and purge blocked filters.

 Hazardous Vacuum bags are recommended for hazardous vacuums to retain to particles. Sometimes they are sheathed within a safety plastic bag, in case the vacuum bag leaks any particles. When removing the bag, ensure you are not in an area with air flow that could cause partciles to be dispersed from the open vacuum.

When operating in an an environment with hazardous dust, wear an appropriate mask, gloves and other recommended PPE.