Gloves are a necessity for your basic personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Disposable gloves include:

  • Vinyl gloves: 

    Most popular choice among the cleaning industry. Vinyl gloves provide a basic protection. They are available as 

    powder-free gloves and 

    lightly powdered gloves 

  • Nitrile gloves: 

    Made from a synthetic rubber, Nitrile gloves are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are a concern 

  • Latex gloves: 

    Made from a natural rubber. Latex gloves have a higher puncture resistance and have greater dexterity and comfort compared to nitrile gloves 

  • Polyethylene gloves: 

    A clear low density polyethylene glove used in child cares and food preperation industries. 

Non-Disposable gloves include:

  • Flocklined gloves: 

    The cotton

     lining on the inside of flocklined gloves makes putting on and removing the gloves much easier. 

  • Silverlined gloves: 

    Made from a highly durable glove with a silverlined liner for added protection against bacteria build up. 

  • Work and garden gloves: 


    leather gloves and 

    PVC chemical resistant gloves 

  • Cut resistant gloves: 

    Gloves manufactured with a cut resistant lining for added protection. 

    Cut 3 gloves and 

    Cut 5 gloves