General Cleaning Chemicals

General Cleaning Chemicals

General cleaning products you do need

Multipurpose cleaner
Rather than buying a separate kitchen, multipurpose, and floor cleaners, we suggest that a single bottle of multipurpose cleaner will do the trick in most instances. The one exception is if you have a kitchen bench made of porous stone or untreated marble. Some multipurpose cleaners can damage stone surfaces, so in that instance, consult one of our technical staff or your benchtop’s manufacturer to find out which cleaner to use.

Toilet cleaner
There’s an argument with toilet cleaners that you can just get away with scrubbing for longer, I’d just rather get it done quickly. Toilet cleaners will have stronger bleaches in them. You’re probably going to want more of antibacterial treatment for a toilet cleaner.

This is a purchase you’re going to want to get right because a bad toilet cleaner is worse than none at all. What actually happens is the poor performing ones – instead of removing stains – they’ll actually lubricate the stain so your sponge or scrubbing brush will glide over the top of it rather than biting in and cleaning.

Window cleaner
Glass windows have a tendency to streak, you’ll need a specialised cleaner. In our recent test, we measured not just cleaning performance but how well they deal with streaking. We have a panel assessment ranking from 0 to 4 which is a range of no streaking whatsoever to very heavy streaking. So a score of 50% is 50% streak resistance.” In these tests, Halo and RC Reflection products came out on top by a significant margin.

However, if you have tinted windows watch out, a lot of them contain ammonia which can damage your window tint.

Bathroom cleaner
Unlike your kitchen surfaces, your bathtub and sink are likely to build up with soap scum, which other cleaning types, including multipurpose cleaners, aren’t equipped to handle. Bathroom cleaning can require the need for the more harsh chemicals in your cleaning arsenal. The chemicals used to remove and clean the dirt, grime, germs, and sometimes mould found in bathrooms will typically have a pH level found at the end of the pH scale. This makes them very effective cleaners. 


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