Air Fresheners & Odour Control

Air Fresheners & Odour Control

Air Fresheners typically fall into two types, water-based and alcohol-based. Some are odour neutralisers and can remove smell whereas others air fresheners to improve the scent of the room.

Water-based air fresheners are usually safe on all surfaces and when sprayed into the air will fall to the floor and linger. Water-based air fresheners can also be diluted and used as a general cleaning solution.

Alcohol-based air fresheners can be sprayed into the air, which will linger for a much longer period compared to water-based air fresheners. Alcohol-based air fresheners can also be used as a surface deodorant with sanitising properties.

Odour control chemicals can be oil or water-based, some odour control chemicals can be used as surface cleaners, see individual product for uses. Use spray bottles to disperse into required area.


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