Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

Here at RapidClean Newcastle, we provide a comprehensive range of products for commercial and industrial protective clothing and equipment also known as Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE )

Personal Clothing / Personal Protective Equipment covers a range of items to protect users from:

  • Injury - Injury can be surface skin or structural injury
  • Infection
  • Risks from inhaling or swallowing fumes, liquids, dust
  • Exposure to severe cold 
  • Exposure to severe heat
  • Infection risk covers bacterial or viral infections

Hazardous applications require specialised clothing, protective equipment, and machinery to protect cleaners and end users. Asbestos, lead, carcinogenic dust, and silicas are examples of hazardous materials. They are typically gathered using hazardous-rated vacuums. Operators need to be trained on how to use protective clothing and equipment, how to maintain them, and how to safely disposed of used apparel and waste products, and used vacuum bags.

  • Standards are commonly international like:
  • Type 4 - EN 14605:2005 Barrier to liquid sprays or splashes
  • Type 5 - EN ISO13982-1:2004 Barrier to airbourne solid particulates and dusts
  • Type 6 - EN ISO13034:2005 Barrier to limited liquid splash and sprays
  • EN1149-5 - Anti-static
  • EN 1073-2:2002 - Protection against radioactive particulate contamination
  • EN 14126:2003 - Protection against biological hazards and infective agents

Some equipment is designed to reduce cross contamination by using Disposable Gloves or Shoe Covers, Beard Covers. Great to wear when moving from one location to another.

There are legal regulations requiring compliance by both operators and facility managers. Industry best practice recommends certain standards.

COVID has caused new regulations and workplace practices, as well as community norms to change. NSW govt website covers use of Protective Equipment 

From Gloves and Garments, Gowns, and Freezer Wear to Respirators and everything in between, you are sure to find the clothing and equipment you need in our collection of high-quality protective wear.

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