140040 Trojan H/D floor degreaser 15L

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Trojan – Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 15 Ltr

Trojan is a heavy duty degreaser and floor cleaner. Trojan is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, solvents, inorganic water, conditioning agents and soil anti-deposition agents.

Trojan quickly removes grease, dirt, protein, fat and oil from a variety of surfaces. Trojan is particularly effective in the removal of heavy soil deposits found in food plants and kitchens when used as directed. Economical fast spray on, wipe off application.


Directions for use:

General cleaning of floors and other washable surfaces, dilute as below:

  • Lightly Soiled- 1 part Trojan:80 with cool water.
  • Normal Soiled-1 Part Trojan: 40 with warm water.
  • Heavily Soiled-1 Part Trojan: 20 with warm to hot water.
  1. Apply cleaning solutions with a mop or through an automatic scrubbing machine.
  2. Agitate cleaning solution, then wipe off or rinse surface with clean water if required.
  3. Rinse well with warm water.


Also available in 5 Litres and with screen printed bottles


15 litre and 20 Litre drums allow you to buy in bulk. The chemical can be easily dispensed using an aeroflow tap. Simply remove the lid, fit the tap and lay the drum on its side for easy use. Customers can fill 5 litre, 1 litre and 500ml bottles for easy use by staff.

15 litre and 20 litre drums can be fitted to chemical dispensers which will regulate the amount of chemicals used. The can be purchased or supplied with a free on loan agreement (Conditions apply)

The Rapid Drum Spanner secures and removes the lid with ease.

Buy our measuring cup in 500ml and 1 litre sizes, which show dilution rates and amount of chemical required for accurate dilution. 500ml spray bottles are either pre-labelled or you can purchase labels for compliance certification.

Remember Safety Data Sheets are available for chemicals being used and stored. See our page for easy downloads