Agar Presto Caustic Degreaser 5lt PH13.5

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Agar Presto Caustic Degreaser 5L

A concentrated caustic-based high foaming cleaner, as well as being a heavy-duty floor cleaner.

Specifically made for for the removal of

  • fat
  • Oily soilage
  • baked-on fats
  • carbon residues
  • food spillages
  • fatty films 

Use on

  • walls
  • floors
  • food processing equipment
  • ovens
  • barbeques
  • hot plates
  • shower recesses
  • stainless steel
  • fan exhausts
  • hood and ducting
  • butchers boning rooms
  • abattoirs
  • kitchen
  • all food processing areas.

Not suitable for use on aluminum.

Additional accessories:

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