How to remove the smell of cigar and cigarette smoke

Date: 02-Apr-2019

Remove Smoke Odours

Airlift Spice Island is a commercial deodoriser/cleaner and can be used simply by spraying or wiping down an area. 

This Time release odour lifter and fungicide with a high emphasis on cleaning performance has been specifically developed in removing cigar and cigarette smoke odours.  Once the cleaning job is complete, the area should also smell clean and fresh, providing a pleasant place to visit. 

It can be wiped, flushed, sprayed or mopped on to the surface. The Spice Island fragrance is ideal where an up market result is required in areas such as commercial office buildings and corporate environments.

It has also been developed to control mould, fungus, soap, body fat proteins and urine decomposition found in washrooms.

Proven and developed to help eradicate tinea (athletes foot) common in washrooms and change rooms. 

Airlift Spice Island leaves surfaces clean and fresh, rather than just masking the odours, it attacks the source of this universal problem- bacteria, fungi, and other destructive micro-organisms.

  • Common washroom odours are eradicated.
  • Detergents and wetting agents dislodge dirt and grime.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive wall mounted aerosol deodorisers.
  • Provides a lingering spicy scent.
  • It is always important to wear gloves and safety glasses.


Airlift Spice Island - Smoke Deodoriser  Smoke Deodoriser 15L