How to prepare for a builders clean

Date: 05-04-2019

Frequently, contract cleaners call on us at Rapid Clean Newcastle to get products and advice to tackle a builder clean. It’s a much a more demanding cleaning project than regular cleaning. That’s because builders have left debris, cement and grout, paints and oils, marks and stains, stickers and glues, and high dirt volume. The debris may require aggressive cleaning yet the surfaces may be delicate like porcelain tiles, natural stone, wool carpets, aluminum and glass structures. The builder's clean ties into the final approval required for the release of finances and legal sign off. This is when the property investor's dream achieves the reality of clean, shiny, fresh-smelling homes, or offices.

A major challenge is confirming what surfaces have been coated or sealed with that will affect what cleaning chemicals can be used. If specification sheets are not available, judgment and testing is necessary for inconspicuous areas to check on colour fastness, glazing strength, resistance offered by the debris, and stains. It's enormously helpful to know what the stain or debris is that needs removing. Rapid Clean's cleaning chemicals and tools are ideal. We have the equipment we can supply to accelerate the cleaning process or clean it much better than manual cleaning. Some hire equipment is available like medium to large scrubbers, a sweeper, and polishers.

The major challenges will be:

Grout removal can be tackled with Builders Kleen, Tile Power, Tile Plus

For Gum, Ink, Paint removal, use Orange Solv, POG

Oil marks will go with Easi Clean, Resolve or Crossfire

Rust removal should be tackled with Rust Remover or Trusty

Coffee and wine stains will go with Coffee Break

Where smells from bacteria debris exist, use Biosan, OdabanE

Mould should be removed with Lencia bathroom and mould cleaner.

High dust loads need vacuums with HEPA filters to trap dust and micro bacteria, insects, and their eggs.

Bathrooms needing sanitizing that can cope with a chlorinated bleach should have Chlorosan applied best through a pressurized pump spray.

Dirty carpets both synthetic and wool are well cleaned with Spitfire Advance or Performance Gold. Then they can be coated with Fabric Shield to resist liquids and stains.

All cleaning needs chemicals, time, and agitation for the best results. If that’s hard work, use a machine like a scrubber, carpet extractor, sweeper, polisher, wet & dry vacuums, high pressure washers. We stock Nilfisk, Gerni, Tennant, Hako, Polivac, Kerrick, Makinex, and our own workshop, and technician will support service during its useful life. Scrubbers agitate the dirt free and then vacuum it away better than any mop can. A portable Motor Scrubber cleans awkward floors and walls with a both aggressive and very soft brush and pad options.

Inside Windows will gleam when Halo is used with a glass cleaning cloth. External windows may need very careful scraping with industrial scrapers to remove builder residues, then a deionized window cleaning system can reach 1-5 stories high with Kevlar carbon-fibre lightweight poles suitable brushes.

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