How to get red wine out of carpet

Date: 14-05-2019

1.  Pre-test before use.  Apply Coffee Break in an inconspicuous area and cover with a clean white towel.  Leave for 5 minutes 

2.  Blot out excess liquid or remove solid soils before cleaning.

3.  Use a trigger spray apply Coffee Break to the outside area of the stain.- Do Not saturate the carpet.

4.  Using a clean white cloth, work the product to the middle of the stain - Do Not spread the stain by scrubbing with a sponge.

5.  Leave the product on the stain for 2 minutes.

6.  Using a clean, wet, white towel blot the treated area.

7.  Repeat the process until no more soil is transferred to the towel.

8.  Rinse the treated area with cold water and blot.  

9.  Repeat above until all stain is removed 

The above product is available at our store or online 


  • Always use gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection 
  • This product is safe on wool fibers

Removes red wine, coffee stains, tannin, and juice stains

red wine spill Coffee carpet spill


coffee stain image by David Dewitt 



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